Marianna Storozhenko


Стороженко МарианнаMarianna Storozhenko was born on January, 8th, 1990 in Ukraine, in Feodosiya. She began to play the piano since 6 years. About 4 classes acted with solo concerts. Marianna graduated Music School №1 (a class of teacher Trubenkovoi L.A.)-2005 year; Academic Music College at the Moscow state conservatory with the red diploma in 2009 in Moscow (class of the Prozorovoi M. V.) Then she has arrived at theGnesins Russian Academy of Music to the professor, the dean of piano faculty Senkov S.E. During the present time she is a student of the 4 course of Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.

Marianna Storozhenko is the winner of the Russian, national and international competitions. She is the Winner of international competition «Rome-2008» ( 3 prize) , the winner of international competition within a festival «On a visit at Ayvazovsky» 2008 , the Winner of Republican competition of mastery «the Young virtuoso» Simferopol (3 award-2002., 1 award-2003.), diplomas of the winner of the international musical festival «On a visit at Ayvazovsky» 2002-2011 years. The diploma of the First open festival Chamber playing «Merzljakovka invites friends» (the participant of a master class) . Took part in a master class of Kandinsky I. M, 2009, the winner of the 4th International competitions of young pianists of A. Karamanova ( 3 prize) , the Winner of competition of composers ( the 2 place , Feodosiya.)

She has incentive diplomas from a mayor of a city of Feodosiya V.A.Shajderova. Also from the culture ministry.

In 2011 Marianna participated in a meeting within the limits of the project of a cultural exchange “Italy-Russia”, the international creative meeting of the Russian and Italian pianists has taken place. After this meeting of Massimo Parovel, the rector of conservatory of Juseppe Tartini (Trieste, Italy) has directed addressed to the rector of the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music Galina Vasilevny Majarovsky the letter with gratitude. Marianna has participated in master classes, international schools, Performing Arts, he took lessons from professors such as: Jatskov A.V., Zaichik L. M., Roschina , Dieva , Osipova I. V.

As a soloist Marianna repeatedly performed in various concert halls in Russia, she played in the Rachmaninov and Small Halls of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, at the Small hall of the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, in the house of Shuvalovoj in the Russian Academy of music , in the concert hall of N. J. Mjaskovskogo in the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, in the Academic Music College concert hall at the Moscow State Conservatory , in the Small and big concert hall of the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music , museums of Moscow, in a college concert hall at conservatory in St.-Petersburg, in a college concert hall in Simferopol, in art gallery of I.K.Ajvazovskij. Marianna was repeatedly printed in newspapers and shown on television in Ukraine. She has records on television in Ukraine. She was interviewed for programs on television.

Marianna acted in the cities of Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Canada ,China.

One of the last achievements of Marianna is the Diploma for creative achievements in musical art and participation in «Mobile academy of arts» in St.-Petersburg. Marianna has participated in master classes of Zaichik L. M. and played on the final conzert in the Concert Hall of College in the St.-Petersburg state conservatory of a name of N. A. Rimskogo-Korsakova.

In 2013 Marianna was the winner of the Music international Competition in New York in Carnegie Hall «Crescendo competition» (2 Prize).


S. Rachmaninoff

Musical moments op.16 :

Nr. 3 b-moll

Nr. 4 e-moll

Etude tableaux Nr. 6 Es-Dur, op. 33

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